A little history…

April 28, 2008

Welcome to my blog about life as a Barry. It’s been almost a year now since I left life as a McKeon and what a wild ride it has been. All good of course! 🙂 A little background, just to catch you up:

We met at Stonehill College sometime between 1998 & 2000, it’s still up for debate…and someday I’ll win.

We re-met in 2004 at the Burren – a bar in Davis Square, Someville, MA. If you’ve never been there on a Thursday night to see the Swinging Johnsons…you’ve never lived!

We were engaged on the beautiful Big Sur, CA in May 2006.

We married June 2007 on the best day ever! More on that later I’m sure.

And now we live together for the first time ever in about 500 square feet…and OH what a year!

Every time I’ve journaled before, I’ve failed. So I’m hoping to be much better at this blogging thing.

Warnings for any readers that might exist:
1. I write like I talk. Grammar and structure…out the window! Sorry, you’ll have to deal.
2. My thought process is all over the place, so don’t expect too many well thought out ideas.
3. I love taking pictures, so hopefully I’ll have some decent one’s to post.
4. I will overuse … and :). Again…sorry, you’ll have to deal!

I hope you enjoy my random thoughts! Thanks for reading.


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