Laura…why are the covers so big?

April 29, 2008

This is a question I get asked almost every night (and was asked last night – so I thought I’d write about it). I’m sure the question seems strange to a normal person, but it makes me laugh every time. For some reason, the covers on our bed are extremely big. Not long or wide, just big. When laying in bed it is almost impossible to see anything except for gigantic covers. For Andrew, the kid who would fall asleep with no covers and no pillow, this is a problem. He raises is arms high above his head & smacks them down on the bed on either side of him in an attempt to try to ‘shrink’ the covers as best he can. This is a nightly routine that also includes kicking the covers at the end of the bed until he can get his feet out & twinkle his toes like Fred Flinstone. He also takes the pillow out from under his head & puts it on top of me…not next to the bed, but right on top of me for safe keeping…greeaat! He typically comes back for it at some point in the middle of the night.  After all the fidgeting he is asleep…in approximately 2.5 seconds.  zzzzzzzz…..

The bed routine is something entirely new, that entertains me every night. What I’ve discovered about myself is that I’m a cover freak! Every night before I get into bed I have to straighten the covers & make sure that they’re even and smooth and going to COVER my toes. This is very disturbing to my husband who doesn’t care how the covers go & messes them all up. I’m pretty sure he’s starting to think I’m OCD…and you know what, he might be right! Who knew! I never knew I cared about the covers so much until someone came in & messed them up on me! HA! It’s funny what you learn about yourself when you live with someone else. Here I was laughing about all of his idiosyncrasies with the bed…only to discover I have plenty of my own!

If you’re a fan of Ray Romano, you should check out his book ‘Everything and a Kite‘. There’s an entire chapter on choosing the side of the bed that made me laugh hysterically 4 years ago, I think I would laugh even harder now. The whole book is good for a laugh, I highly recommend it!

The bed – who knew it could teach you so much!


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