NO Goat!

May 12, 2008

After a lovely day of eating to celebrate our mom’s on Mother’s Day, we headed home at around 9:30 at night. While conversations are always a little ridiculous at that time, ours tend to be particularly strange. We have been having the ‘goat’ discussion since about a year after we started dating. Andrew is determined to get a goat at some point in his life. Why, you might ask? Well, I’m still trying to figure that one out. But the conversations go something like this.

“So…when we get a house with a barn…” NO GOAT! “When you say ‘no goat’ you mean not right now, but when we get a house with a barn…” No barn…NO GOAT! Why in God’s name would you need a goat? “Goats are great, they’re cute and easy and eat everything” Exactly, they eat everything…and they’re stinky & dirty…no goat! You can get a dog, I’m fine with that. “Soo…a goat in dog’s clothing…hmmm. How can I dress a goat up like a dog?” NO GOAT! “Then maybe a monkey? or other farm animals?” NO WAY! “Not even if we’re going to save the poor innocent goat from being slaughtered?” NO GOAT! We can find someone else to take care of the potentially slaughtered goat. “Here’s what’s going to happen…we’re going to live close to a petting farm. And we’ll visit the petting farm every day and once you stare into those loving goat eyes you’re going to agree we should get a goat.” HA…not going to happen…NO GOAT! You can have a dog. “We could have goat cheese & goat milk…it will be great.” NO GOAT!

The conversation continued on like this for a good 40 minutes, back & forth about goats & other various farm animals. But always comes back to the goat argument. The scary part is, if I give him a glimmer of hope…we really could end up with a goat in our backyard! What in the HECK do we need a goat in our backyard for? My husband is officially crazy…but he does make me laugh, just about every day. How could you not laugh at the idea of a goat and staring longingly into it’s deep black eyes! UGH! HA! Again…welcome to life as a Barry. I never thought a conversation like this even existed until I met Andrew. wow! 🙂

As a follow up…this was the email I received from Andrew this morning:


The Goat


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