34 Hours of travelling – I made it to Australia!

June 2, 2008

Wow!  After getting to the airport at 3pm on Saturday May 31, I finally arrived in Melbourne, Australia at 1am Boston time on June 2nd.  That’s 34 hours of travelling!  Needless to say it was a VERY long trip, but so far well worth it.  A little review:

1.  When checking in at the airport I was told I would need a visa in order to get into Australia…which I didn’t have.  After letting my heart race for a good 5 minutes, the people checking me in told me they could get one for a $25 fee (acting as if there was no way I would be willing to pay)  My response…so DO IT already…what else am I going to do?! 🙂  I already have my tickets I just want to get on the plane!

2.  The flight from Boston to LAX was very smooth…though if you wanted ANYTHING to eat you had to purchase food.  They didn’t even give up peanuts.  Good thing I’m neurotic & brought all of those snacks! 🙂

3.  Upon arrival in LAX I was told our flight was delayed from 11:50pm to 1:40 am (4:40am my time:).  So I spent the next 5 hours pacing a very small terminal where everything was closed, doing my best to stay awake!

4.  I finally made it onto the Syndey plane and fell asleep almost instantly and proceeded to sleep on & off for about 9 hours…yay!  The last 5 hours I read & watched a movie.   Thank goodness for the window seat I had secured at the beginning of the flight…it was the last one, and it made all the difference!

5.  Arriving in Sydney approximately 200 people had to have their connections rebooked, including me.  After clearing customs easily I waiting in line for about 1.5 hours to get my ticket rebooked and then hung out in the Sydney airport for 3 hours.

6.  Finally I was on my plane to Melbourne and sat next to a lovely Australian woman who now wants to be my life long friend.  She was here for work so allowed me to catch a ride with her into the city on her company’s dime…a definite highlight.  Incidentally, she works for IBM and may be helpful in connecting me to get some interns placed…not too shabby :).

Finally at the hotel and it feels SO good!  I showered & did my best to stay awake for 4 hours until Andrew got here.  I failed miserably & ended up sleeping through 3 of them.  But he got here early & it was SO great to see him!  He’s been busy but seems to be having a great time!  We had breakfast this morning with some of his colleagues he’s speaking with and they are all very nice.  Some of them have been on the entire worldwide tour for the last 2.5 weeks and are completely loopy by now! 🙂  This is the last night of the tour, so I have no doubt that tonight will be an interesting, crazy and fun celebration.  For today I’m off to do some exploring, maybe some shopping and probably some more sleeping.  Andrew is gone for the day until dinner so I’ll do my best to entertain myself.  There’s a soccer game going on outside of the balcony of my room…so maybe I’ll watch that for a little while too.

Anyway, just wanted to update you all.  We’ll do our best to write as often as possible.  I’ll have Andrew share some of his pictures and stories from Singapore as well.  After tomorrow we’ll have a couple of days without internet access while we drive the Great Ocean Road, but we’ll be back in Melbourne on our Friday and will try to fill you in again then.  Hope all is well back at home!  We miss you all!


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