Sitting in the Melbourne Airport

June 6, 2008

Well – this is another leg of the trip that Andrew & I ended up on separate flights. We got up at 3:30 am this morning & to the airport by 4:30 so Andrew could catch his 6am flight. My flight got changed from 9:30 to 11am…so now I am hanging out in the airport for 5 hours & figured I’d catch up from where I left off last night since I have more time.

The last 3 days: After we picked up the car we headed down to the coast. We stopped in Torquay (Tor-key) at the visitors center to get an idea of where to head. Torquay is a pretty cool town in itself, very big surfing area. It’s right near Bell’s Beach, which is where the final scene of Point Break is filmed (should anyone remember that movie with Keanu Reeves). We saw the beach & the waves were crazy. SO many surfers out on the ocean catching long rides! I think these people might be officially crazy. After Bell’s Beach it was on to the Great Ocean Road with beautiful views all the way to Appollo Bay. We stopped off at a random country club along the way where Kangaroos just hang out all day (see post below). I was amazed at how close Andrew got…though we think they feed the animals to draw people to their restaurant. Still pretty cool. Australian animal 1…check! Next we were on to look for Australian animal 2…the Koala. Another pull off of the road lead up to an area deep in Eucalyptys Trees. We drove slow & looked up and sure enough…there were little blobs up in the trees! Koala’s are pretty lazy animals. None of them were moving much, but they are still so cool to see! Andrew of course wanted to hold one, but from what we know…they are pretty vicious cuddly animals! So we drove on. We drove all the way on to Apollo Bay where we spent the night in a nice campground on the ocean. Our time has not yet fully adjusted, we were in bed by 7pm…and up at 5am!

The next day we woke up to a great sunrise over the ocean…which finally happened at around 7am. After packing up, we headed off in search of the famous 12 apostles. Along the way we stopped in the rainforest, which was cool, but we didn’t see much and at the lighthouse where the first morse code connection was made to Tasmania. It was the 2nd most southern point in mainland Australia, pretty neat, especially since we got to climb to the top! Afterwards we finally were on our way to the Apostles and they didn’t let us down. This sight is absolutely beautiful! The gigantic rock formations seem to rise out of the ocean and the colors are spectacular when the sun hits them. The pictures don’t nearly do justice to the greatness of this area, the rock formations are simply huge! After taking some pictures we also headed on to the Arch, the Blowhole and the Grotto, all of which were also pretty cool! Moving on from there we thought we’d stop to see some nursing Right Whales which are supposedly a guranatee at this time of year. Of course, whales are afraid of me…so we saw none!

We ended the day in Port Fairy with some dinner & another 7pm bedtime…actually, maybe it was 8…such late nighters we are! We were up again at 5am and got right on the road back to Melbourne…we wanted to beat traffic, which we ALMOST did, until we hit Melbourne at 9:30 am of course! Anyway, we checked into the hotel, took a nap (in preparation for our late night at the Footy game). Then we had a chance to walk around Melbourne, which Andrew hadn’t really done yet. Melbourne is a great city on a Friday night, there was live music, carousels, beautiful lit restaurants along the river. It was really a nice night to be out. And of course Andrew consumed his first meat pie…it’s true love! 🙂

We ended our stay in Melbourne with a Footy game, North Melbourne Kangaroos versus the Geelong Cats. We were North Melbourne fans of course! Our seats were great, 5 rows back from the field. the stadium is HUGE, and round so there are plenty of seats for everyone! Footy is a crazy game, but very exciting, and of course more exciting with all the crazy Aussie fans around. Though they only had 1 cheer, and it was pretty bad ‘North Melbourne, clap, clap, clap’. And the don’t know how to do the wave, which could be SO cool in this stadium. But we had fun none the less…and Andrew ate yet another meat pie! Only to realize afterwards just how much fat was in each…ha! He’s on a fruit & veggie diet for the next 3 days :). Sadly, the Roos lost to Geelong, they were clearly the better team, but we certainly didn’t give up with out a fight! It’s the closest scoring I’ve seen since I’ve been here…and I’ve seen a lot of Footy since that’s all that seems to be on TV here! So…here we are, I’m at the airport waiting to start the next part of our adventure, and Andrew should be just about in Brisbane if he hasn’t landed already. We’ll reunite in Cairns around 2pm and head up to the Rainforest/ocean of Cape Tribulation…where it’s about 80 degrees and sunny…yay! I’ll try to write again from Cairns on Tuesday! Love to all in the US!


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