Rainy Rainforest

June 13, 2008

The RAIN in the Rainforest falls mainly…on our tent! On Saturday June 7th we headed up to Cairns and headed to Cape Tribulation immediately. While Andrew waited for me to arrive he got the car and visited the grocery store to get all sorts of yummy treats. He made it all by himself while driving on the left side of the road! Amazing!! 🙂 He picked me up and we were off to the rainforest!! We pitched our tent at the campsite and walked to the beautiful beach which was practically empty, it was so nice and relaxing. We cooked a little camp food, sat out and relaxed under the starts before heading to bed early…again! Overnight it rained, but we stayed nice & dry in our tent. The next morning…still raining! But it dried up relatively early and we went for walks along the beach and explored the area. We stopped for lunch at some picnic tables and had yummy PB&J. Just as we were finishing I heard step…step…step…slowly through the leaves, turned around and there was a Lace Monitor (Goanna Lizard) sneaking up on us. Yup…I jumped right up, and Andrew followed. A girl nearby said they wouldn’t bite, but they might scratch you up! Let’s just say we grabbed our PB&J (which the Monitor absolutely wanted) and high tailed it away. Andrew has affectionately named it the Peanut Butter & Jelly Monster and does a pretty good impression, tongue and all! After lunch we went for a walk along the beach and through the rainforest. We were going to stop by and close up our tent, but had a reservation for a fruit tasting we didn’t want to miss so we left the tent open to air out. BIG mistake! About halfway through tasting some VERY exotic fruits, it started to DOWNPOUR! Thankfully we weren’t too far away and Andrew got back to close it up before everything was too wet. But the rain followed us for the rest of the night! Meanwhile the fruit tasting was great. We tried many fruits that can’t really be found in many other places because they don’t transport welll…and well, they’re pretty ugly on the outside, but they were good on the inside!

The next day we had scheduled our trip out to the Great Barrier Reef with the Rum Runner. After an interesting trip through low tide to the boat we boarded and met the crew. Australians who live in Cape Tribulation are a little nuts. Let’s just say one of the guys lives in a ‘Tree House’ with no windows where the animals (snakes, birds and insects too) visit whenever they like…what?! But they got us safely out to McKay’s Reef, a beautiful small sand bar in the middle of no where. Granted, the high winds made the hour ride out to the reef VERY choppy. We sat outside in the front of the boat & got SOAKED! But it was still pretty fun. We took our first snorkel as soon as we got there & Andrew quickly spotted a reef shark, pretty cool! It was amazing how calm we were about it…and how disinterested in us it was! They’re not man eating sharks…don’t worry! The reef itself was amazing. Everything was so alive. Not only the fish, but the reef was beautiful! As we were heading back to the boat we also spotted a sea turtle cruising along the bottom. A small one, but so cute! After a yummy lunch we headed back out for our second snorkel and saw two more sea turtles and more beautiful reef. Of course, it started to poor while we were in the water…but thankfully it didn’t really matter since we were already wet! 🙂 The ride home was MUCH smoother than the ride out to the reef, but still we had 2 of the other passengers lose their lunch of the back. Andrew was struggling through the ride, but managed to get through the whole thing and was happy to see solid land! A successful trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I couldn’t be happier!

It rained again for the rest of the night, so hard it kept us awake. Every time it stopped, Andrew would open the tent, and every time he did it would start raining again…after a while it was pretty comical! Needless to say at 5am on our last day we were ready to go! We waited for a break in the rain, packed up the tent and headed out!! We loved Cape Trib, but were ready to go by the end! We headed down to the Daintree River for a Crocodile Sighting tour. Since we were ridiculously early, we took a small nap in the car! At 9:30 am we were ready for our tour, and were very successful in seeing some crocs! They are such cool animals. We saw mostly smaller crocs, the big one didn’t want to come out of the water at that time. I had no idea how long it took these animals to grow large. The 1 year old was very small, and the 2 year old wasn’t much bigger. The largest one we was a 30 year old female. So neat! It was a great end to our trip. We spent the rest of the day exploring Cairns and had a nice dinner. Cairns has really changed since the last time I was here, it’s a nice place to visit. All in all, this was another great part of our trip. Next we head to Sydney & the Blue Mountains!! The last leg! More soon. Love to all!


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