One Year!

June 30, 2008

One blissful year! It’s hard to believe we were standing at the altar saying ‘I do’ one year ago today…time has flown by.  But what a great year it has been!  Looking back on our wedding day we had so many amazing memories.  Family and friends with us to celebrate.  Seeing my handsome groom at the end of the aisle.  Wearing the dress that I never thought I would love so much.  Enjoying perfect weather, food and music.  It was all so great.  I am so happy we had that day to share together…and it would have been great if it rained too…but maybe just a little wet :).  Looking back on the pictures is so much fun.  http://www.perfectweddingphoto.com/vplay/vplay07/070630_mckeon_vp2/.  And our album is finally done, which most people haven’t seen here: http://www.perfectweddingphoto.com/vshow/vshow07/070630_McKeon_vs2/.  What a wonderful day!

What a wonderful year!  Honeymoon in Hawaii (Maui & Kuaui)…unbelievable!  Moving in together in Concord.  We love our little apartment.  Going for walks along the wildlife preserve, swimming at Walden Pond and eating Purple Cow ice cream! Visiting Plum Island, NH and Maine.  Setting up our first Christmas tree with our ornaments from all of our trips.  Vacationing down in Bahamas at Atlantis.  Surviving the final semester of my MBA program.  Taking the long trip to Australia for an unbelievable tour of the country.  What more could we ask for?!  We are so lucky to have had all of these experiences and to have family, friends and each other to share them with.  We truly have had a magical first year.  Not to say we didn’t have our moments.  There is the issue of the change on the floor and my need for the bed to be perfect.  He does like to play the guitar all the time and I do love to watch really cheesy TV.  But we’re making it work.  We’re having as much fun together as we can find.  We do our best to remember how lucky we are at every turn.  We are truly happy to be together.  It has been a great year…and I look forward to MANY more!!


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