House Hunt…

July 31, 2008

We’re goin’ on a house hunt, we’re going on a house hunt…I’m not scared…I’m not, well – okay – maybe I’m a little scared.

I know, I know – I’ve been a very bad blogger.  What can I say, it’s the summer and I’m lazy.  But I promise to get better (saying this to myself).  So what has been going on lately you ask?  Well – Andrew & I have been talking houses.  Now – we love the place we live.  Our little convenient apartment in a beautiful town.  However, the recent crazy rain has led to water in the basement…and in the bathroom (where it shouldn’t be).  While we know the landlord will take care of it, it started us thinking about moving.  We’re not in any rush, the more money we figure we can save, the better.  But we’re definitely thinking about it.

So as we think about it I remember all of my friends & co-workers going through the pain of finding the ‘right’ place…all the while thinking…that won’t happen to us…our search will be somewhat easy, we’re both looking for the same things…HA!  Wrong!  Funny how making such a large purchase can bring out the crazy in ANYONE!  And it certainly has in Andrew & I.   (NO I will not take full responsibility for the ‘crazy’ – though it’s probably mostly me).  Instead of agreeing on the big things & disagreeing on the small things (what I expected) it seems everything is Big!  Let’s see here are some of the hot topics:

  • The perfect town
  • Neighborhood or woods (I’ll let you guess who wants what:))
  • Price
  • New or fixer upper
  • hmm….I’m sure there were more…the conversation certainly lasted long enough for there to be more

Then beyond the details you start ‘discussing’ who needs what to be happy, who should be making the decision etc.  HA!  All a good time.  It’s a good thing we love eachother!  But it isn’t all bad.  We do agree on:

  • Cape/Colonial/Farmhouse style
  • nice backyard…
  • That’s all I can think of now…I’m sure there was at least one more 🙂

All in all this process is going to be very interesting.  Fun and miserable all at the same time.  But as everyone tells me, it’s worth it in the end.  Amazing to think we’ll be homeowners someday.  Wish us luck…we’ll need it!


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