The Goats…

June 13, 2010

So – I was just reading back some of my very old posts & came across ‘NO GOAT!’  After reminiscing & laughing out loud, I thought you might like an update on the goat situation.  No, we do not have a goat, but they are often a part of our lives.  As it turns out, we live pretty close to 2 goat farms, Kimball Farm & Great Brook Farm.  I’m hopeful that their proximity keeps Andrew goat needs at bay.

Now, if you have ever met my daughter you know she has a fondness for dogs or…’uh uh’s’ in her words.  Yes, she barks or says ‘uh uh’ at the slightest though, sight or sound of a doggie.  It’s amazing how she knows there’s a dog near, well before I even have a clue.  This of course has Andrew on a ‘we need a dog’ crusade, but there be more on that later – we’re on goats for now.  Anyway,  in her short life Maya has seen her fair share of goats.  She has already been to Kimball Farm, Great Brook Farm and oohed & aahhed over the goats.  As you may have suspected these lovely animals are nothing more to Maya than another…uh uh.  Yup – she barks at them all.   No Maya…not uh uh, bleeh bleeh.  ‘Uh uh?’.  Nope – not getting anywhere with that.  Yes, Maya – uh uh.

So on Friday I took Maya on her first trip to the zoo with the Williamson family and there was a petting zoo portion.  Yes, we get to touch the animals!  Sheep, Donkey….NOPE!  Just 2 lonely GOATS! 🙂  Needless to say Maya had her first up-close encounter w/ her father’s favorite species.  Yes she spent most of the time barking at them, and other than a swat at a nose had no real interest in petting them.  But I did manage to capture this one photo of Maya getting friendly with some fur.  It’s a goat I swear…but it could have been a dog too & Maya wouldn’t have been the wiser.  Someday she’ll figure it out.  In the mean time I’ll continue on the no animal crusade…not until Maya can ask for & take care of said animal.  And it still won’t be a goat!

Maya pets her first Goat



  1. I’ll have to go back and read the original goat post. I can’t imagine owning a farm animal. Though they might be easier to care for than children! We will remain an animal free household as long as I have a say, and Scott remains to be allergic (which I am sure he will)!

  2. So happy to see you back! I always say, get through the first year and you will start to feel human again. Looks like you are taking your first step 🙂

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