Eat, drink & be Maya

June 24, 2010

Andrew likes to eat.  I like to eat.  And my 28 lb daughter 11 month old MUST like to eat.  But no one ever told me how tricky & exhausting it could be to feed all of these people!  No one told me that feeding Maya would be one of the more stressful parts of my day.  When to do it, what to feed her, is she really full, is she too full?  They told me she will let me know etc etc.  But seriously…we are talking about a kid who gets distracted every 2 seconds!  She’s up in the chair, then she’s back down, back up, back down.  Then we got in the habit of feeding her out of her chair…and getting her back in the chair was impossible.  On the bright side, she seems to like most things…but only a little.  All this stress has to be the reason I started taking pictures of her eating…everything!

For some reason watching her eat all of these foods is entertaining…and exciting.  So I take pictures.  Now it seems I have a collection of Maya eating.  Poor thing is going to look back at all of these pictures and wonder if she did anything else but eat (I swear she does – plenty!).  But part of the other problem is that she likes to eat 24/7.  I know, I know – she shouldn’t need to eat all night.  Given her 10lb birth weight she never really needed to eat at night at all…right?  Well, try telling her that, and try telling an exhausted me that!  So we do what we have to do.

Now, it’s almost time to start weaning.  And while my daughter likes to eat almost everything.  Getting her to take more than a sip of something is nearly impossible.  She likes water here & there.  But her favorite thing to do is spit it out.  Then there’s juice…what kid doesn’t like juice?  No way say’s Maya.  Milk…forget it!  So we continue the cycle of eating, not drinking and partying at all hours.  But all this is just a part of ‘being Maya’ and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  She’s a happy kid (as long as she has what she wants).

And we have found one compromise…WATERMELON.  Eating & drinking at the same time – brilliant!  Maya’s FAVORITE.  Now if only she survive on Watermelon alone, with an occasional hot dog & french fry mixed in…we’d be all set!

Maya's Favorite

Hot dog in one hand, fry in the other!



  1. LOVE her! I have the opposite problem with Brinley as you know. She’ll drink almost anything but eats very few things.

  2. So cute! My oldest was (and still is) an eater, too. “Everyone” told me that at 1 year old she should “be able” to go all night w/o nursing, but I knew she was hungry and just went with it. Now, at 5 years old, when she wakes up in the morning she is ravenous and eats 3X the amount I do for breakfast! So, go with you gut and enjoy this time with her- it goes so fast!

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