As promised…tag-sale(ing)!

July 10, 2010

As I promised I will be a better blogger…and here we go.  Maya is napping, and instead of jumping right to all the stuff I SHOULD be getting done – like dishes & laundry & vacuuming (I know those who have seen my house are laughing right now – but I really do do those things:), I’m taking a break to talk about today’s adventure…all before 10am!

Maya & I went tag-sale(ing).  I seem to be a collector of stuff, which is not good. But with Maya home every day rather than in daycare, I feel it’s important to provide her with a few new activities here & there…hence the tag sales.  In my opinion these (and Walmart) are the BEST place to buy kid toys etc.  They can be so expensive in the stores and SO cheap at a tag sale.  Brand new once you clean them up, of course.  And it seems everyone wants to get rid of their kid stuff!  So I try to take advantange when I can.  But usually Maya’s nap doesn’t cooperate.  Today they were right down the street though so I was determined!

We went to 2.  one was a ‘multi-family’ sale.  This was the most pathetic excuse for a tag sale i’ve ever seen.  I won’t lie…I get excited when families get together to sell…more good stuff.  But there was less than what ONE family could have sold at this one.  And not only that, the stuff was just blah!  These people must have all been VERY boring!

Oh – did I mention I try to figure people out by what they’re selling.  I think a good tag sale can tell a lot about a family.  But I digress…

We didn’t walk away empy handed of course.  With Maya’s 1 year b-day coming up they had a great Minnie cake plate…now to figure out how to decorate it to make it LOOK like Minnie.  Andrew will probably be good at that, I’ll leave it to him!

The second tag sale was better.  Not great, but better.  I walked away with a few things – and even bartered on one…which I’m SO bad at.  I was VERY proud of myself.  Maya ended up with a new shape-sorter toy.  And I got a sun-shade for the beach in hopes that she might spend SOME time under there.  Maybe if I put the shovels…or better yet FOOD under there!

Anyway, all this deal happening went on well before most people were up for the day.  It’s always a thrill knowing you got to it before someone else! 🙂

I know i’m not alone because there were TONS of people at both sales looking for a deal.  But what are you favorite things to ‘hunt’ for?  And do you have the same problem I do….you might not need it, but it’s SUCH a good deal you buy it anyway?  You know you’ll use it, but you probably could have lived without it!

Well, time to get that stuff done I was talking about…some of it anyway!


One comment

  1. I think I’m going to have a tag sale in August. I need to get rid of stuff. Let me know if you ever see a double jogging stroller on your adventures.

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