July 12, 2010

Amidst all of our PI preparation we had a sad day yesterday.  Andrew’s beloved Gramps passed away somewhat unexpectedly.  He was a wonderful, kind, caring soul who will forever be loved an missed.  Although he is gone today, I see so much of him live on in Andrew.  So many wonderful things!  Just to list a few:

1.  A twinkle in every smile.  Gramps always had a smile and a ‘how are ya’ for everyone, no matter who you were.

2. A GRAND sense of adventure.  The war stories we heard about his travels in Germany sounded fantastic.

3. A love of the simple things.  ‘Betty – did you try those muffins…wow are those good!’

4. A little bit of mischeif.  Always trying to get something by someone…but usually telling on himself in the end.

5. A great love & devotion for his wife.  Though we can only hope to be married as long as they were, almost 60 years, the most amazing thing to see was how they cared for eachother, they were the best of friends.

All in all Gramps loved LIFE.  He loved his Patriots…and the other Boston teams too.  ‘Can you believe it?’ he’d say about every little trade, change or bad play.  He loved to see his grandchildren.  And loved Maya to pieces! There will be so many good things said about Gramps in the next week, but it will never be enough.  All I can say is I’m glad a little, or a lot of him lives on in my Andrew.  So thanks gramps!  Thanks for all you did to make us smile! We promise to do our best to pass it on to your girl Maya!  Love you forever!

Gramps meets Maya

A handsome man & his bride

Gramps FAVORITE Maya picture!


  1. I’m so sorry for your loss Laura, Andrew and Maya. May your fond memories of him ease the pain of his passing. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  2. So sorry to hear that! Please pass along my condolences to the rest of the family and keep cherishing those memories – those will always be with you!

  3. He looks like he was such a sweet man. So sorry for your loss. Not easy.

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