Plum Island prep…

July 12, 2010

It’s that time of year…PLUM ISLAND!  You can learn all about our PI adventures here: https://barrybliss.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/plum-island/.  This year though…we’ll have Maya!  It’s going to be different there’s no doubt, but Andrew will still try to complete everything on this list I’m sure…with Maya in tow of course!

Now it’s packing time.  What to bring for a week at the little house for everyone…everything!  Packing is tricky, Andrew has lists (none of which include necessities of course).  And I have multiple lists!  My uncle Kevin is an excellent list maker.  I wish I had enlisted him to help us out here.  He has a perfect list for everything.  With a kid now I’m starting to see the real potential in these detailed lists.  To give you an idea of the difference between my list & Andrew’s it goes something like this:

Andrew: Fishing poles
Me: Food for Maya
Andrew: Headlamps
Me: sunblock and sun shade
Andrew: Kayaks
Me: bed for Maya, Pillows etc…

It goes on like this for while.  Andrew gets all the fun stuff – I get all the boring stuff.  But such is life.  At least he takes on the task of getting it all into the car (that has no air conditioning).  It will be a true geometry exercise.  I’m just hoping that the things that ultimately get left (there’s bound to be something that doesn’t fit) aren’t on my list!

There are stores for us to get anything we need of course, but given that we can’t leave the house once we get there…we have to make sure we have it all.  This year we’ll also be celebrating Maya’s 1st birthday on the island.  There will be more to come on that later.  But all in all it will be an adventure.  Maya’s sleeping habits aren’t the best so I’m hoping she doesn’t keep everyone awake all night.  Fingers crossed this adventure goes as best it can!  I won’t be able to post from there I don’t think…but I’ll keep track of all the stories for you & recount when we get back!

Anyone out there have favorite kid travelling stories?  Wish us luck!

Plum Island on my Due Date 7/4/2009

Side note – this time last year I was VERY pregnant!  And was at PI a week after my due date. too..I never thought it would happen!  This year will hopefully be more comfortable!



  1. Oh traveling with kids is so much fun! Hee hee. I have lots of stories. The best one was last summer coming home from Storyland when Nora screamed bloody murder for the entire 3 hour car ride. You would have thought someone cut her arm off or something. She HATED the car. Scott has become a master at packing the car. I don’t get involved in it. He has it down to a science. We even have before and after pics of the car empty and then full of all of our crap. I think you may have just inspired me to post about this….

  2. Hey Laura,
    Thanks for sharing your little journey! I wanted to write because we’ve been traveling with our little man since he was less than 3 months old. It is certainly a packing challenge, but it can definitely be done! We’ve trucked him half-way across the country a number of times, and are actually headed out on a 12-day cruise of Scandinavia tomorrow–with Joseph (he’s 2 1/2)! So, take it on! You can do it! You’ll end up with a versatile and easy-going kid who loves adventure (hopefully)…ours does 🙂 Happy Birthday to little Maya, too. Joseph was a pitocin delivery, also…10 days late…

  3. Enjoy Maya’s first birthday and your first Plum Island vacation as a family! I am sure it will be a great time! I am totally amazed with the fact that you are able to write about packing…and pack too!! I think I need a BIG lesson in time management from you 🙂
    PS – Maeve is hardly sleeping so I will be thinking of you guys and hoping you have better nights this week!

  4. The only thing you need to worry about packing when traveling with children is booze for you and Andrew. Makes the experience that much easier 🙂

    • Ha! Thanks Megan. We hadn’t even packed any…what were we thinking?!

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