A Plum Island Recap

July 20, 2010

Before you read this post you should probably check out: https://barrybliss.wordpress.com/2008/08/19/plum-island/.  As I mentioned before, this year was probably going to be different…but let’s see how we did on the checklist:

1.  Catch fish.  Nope.  But we did (or Andrew did try).  He tried from the shore, from the Kayak, but the fish just weren’t biting.  But no one caught a fish – so we didn’t feel so bad.  It wasn’t the right timing…right!

2.  Kayak.  Check!  Nothing too long, but we both managed to get out in the kayak…and at the same time amazingly enough.  Maya on the other hand…still hates the Kayak, but she did take a trip in the boat (while dad pushed it along the shore).

3.  Football.  Nope!  As we drove away from the Island Andrew says…I never through a football…dough!

4.  Swimming.  Check!  All of us took more than one dip, it was hot enough after all!  Maya even went under…when dad dipped her.  Some crying, but not too bad!  She loved the surf though, in & out, in & out.

5.  Bait shop.  Of course, we had to TRY to catch the fish!

6.  Walk/Run – well, not to the open ocean, but there were LOTS of EARLY morning walks this year.  Mostly because we had to get Maya out of the house before she woke everybody up!  They were really nice walks actually, peaceful, too early, but peaceful.  And we did discover the rush hour on Plum Island does exist…it’s not quite Boston, but around 8am there’s a significant exodus during the week.

7.  Eating.  Seriously, it’s us – there was LOTS of eating!

8.  Fireworks.  Yup!  Rob had a few & so did Grandpa Bob.  There was a small incident where Grandpa Bob almost lost an eyebrow, but we’ve all recovered.

9.  Play Games.  Definitely!  It was a Bananagrams year, not sure anything else was played…it was perfect!  If you don’t own this game – you should!

10.  Adventure.  I know you’ve been waiting for the good stuff and this year was not without it!  First we lost Lily (9) for some time, everyone looking for her.  I knew she went around the corner but she was no where to be found.  Of course we found her, but not without an all out search!  Then there was Julia (13) – she was an adventure in herself.  A total teenager!  I went bathing suit shopping with her & her mom…let’s just say I’m glad they’re both still speaking.

Liz: ‘no way – too skimpy’

Julia: ‘mom – you don’t understand’

Liz: ‘you’re 13’

Julia: ‘all the other girls wear this’

Liz: ‘you’re not wearing it, too skimpy’

Julia: Meltdown in the dressing room.

My future flashed before my eyes!  Now that was an adventure!  They did however, work out a compromise which, I was impressed with…but note to self – no more shopping trips with a 13 year old & her mother!

There were a few additions to the list this year that may have to be there for next year.

  • Dog.  Daisy the dog was with us and turned out to be a HUGE hit!  Maya even sounded like she was saying Daisy.  The week was full of ‘uh uhs’.
  • Birthdays.  Plum Island is a pretty great place to celebrate a birthday.
  • Sand bar.  I had never seen it before, but there’s a sand bar that people spend time on at low tide.  We took a quick trip this year…but next year, we’re going for longer!
  • Sunset.  Don’t know how I left this off the original list, but you MUST see the PI sunset and take pictures at LEAST once, but usually many times when you’re there!!

All in all it was a good year at PI!  We’re already looking forward to next year!

At the Minihaha

See ya mom! Teddy & I are hitting the beach!

Burying dad!

Relaxing w/ Cousins

Boat Ride!

Plum Tired!


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