A Hiking we will go…

August 27, 2010

This weekend we went on yet another adventure.  A somewhat last minute plan that turned out great.  Andrew has been dying to get up to the White Mountains…so we made it happen.  We packed Maya up with all our gear, for yet another 3 hr car ride.  She did great, even though we had to stop for a bio-break midride.  This time we were not travelling by ourselves, we had 3 cars of Barrys & Kinneys making the trip with us.  I’d say we made relatively good time even with the stop.

We had a neat spot in the woods of Bartlett that Andrew had found last minute.  5 bedrooms, plenty of space for Maya to run and not too expensive.  Everyone had a bed…and Maya slept through the night…BRILLIANT!  The good sleep may have been a result of our adventure that day.  Immediately after arrival, we put Maya into the backpack for a 2.5 mile hike to the top of Mt. Crawford.  It was pretty steep in the middle, but we all made it & Maya summited her first White Mountain.  Of course keeping her from running of the cliff at the top was an interesting & not so fun challenge, but we didn’t stay up there long…and snacks will usually keep her sitting for a little while.

I even had a chance to carry Maya some of the way(Actually I got to carry her to the top).  Not without Andrew’s help up the big steps, of course, we wouldn’t have made it without him.  The reason I had to carry Maya was that she was assaulting her father with her little finger nails.  Sort of like when a jockey digs a horse, Maya was wreaking havoc on her father’s neck.   About 10 minutes of the hike went like this:

Andrew: No Maya, No
Maya: Scratch
Andrew:  Owww Maya, No
Maya: Scratch
Andrew:  Maya STOP
Maya: Scratch

You get the idea…pretty annoying for all involved.  It ended with a:

Laura: Just give her to me, why won’t you just let me try to see if I can carry her…thank you!

And finally we made it to the top…just before Maya figured out I had a neck hiding behind that pony tail.  Here’s a little glimpse into the experience!  Looking forward to many more hikes with the Papaya, hopefully with fewer Maya inflicted injuries.

The Beginning

She drew blood!

Everyone’s shocked by the switch!!

The Top!

Note the neck cover!


One comment

  1. Wow! Good for you! You are raising Maya to love the outdoors… That is very Oregonian of you!

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