September 2, 2010

This weekend we packed Maya up and took her to Vermont…aka  mmmmMont (Maya speak).  Bennington, VT to be exact was the last weekend trip of the summer.  It’s been on the calendar for a while because it was a Carmody wedding!  Who doesn’t love it when the Carmody’s get together?!  It’s sort of like going back to college…lot’s of drinking, dancing, eating…and exhaustion at the end, but it’s always a good time.  A trip to Vermont isn’t complete without someone getting up on the bar at Carmody’s – and this weekend didn’t disappoint.  RT & Lindsey got married, Chad and Nicole got their first real glimpse of the family (hee hee – they both survived – barely), and Maya partied at her first wedding.  All in all, a good time!  It was a beautiful wedding in one of the most amazing views, the bride looked beautiful and the weather was fantastic.  It was a perfect setting for a wedding!  If you’re not married yet & considering a destination wedding…I would DEFINITELY check the place out – Colgate Park, simply amazing!

Should you find yourself travelling through or near Bennington for any reason stop in & say hi to the Carmody family – TJ, Patrick, RT and the newest member…Lindsey!  Welcome to the family – there’s no turning back now :)!  Congrats!  Love to you both!


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