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August 11, 2010


I have a love hate relationship with August.  I love that it’s still the lazy days of summer, but I hate that it means I have to fit everything in before the school year starts.  By everything, I mean both work and play.

At work we’re busy getting ready for the return of the students, making sure we have everything they need for a successful job search.  At home I’m busy making sure I’ve seen all my teaacher friends before they go back to school, taking Maya to swim as often as possible, and doing all the necessary summer stuff!

Just in the last few days we’ve been swimming in NH, to a pool party and to visit our friend Maria on the Cape…does this sound like ‘lazy’ days of summer?  Not so much lazy, but they have been fun.  As many of you know Maya doesn’t really do lazy – so to her August is great!  Here’s some proof:



(Maya trying her first lemon on the Cape…mmm…mmm!)

As I said, I have a love hate relationship with August.  It marks the end of the summer, but this year we’re going yo try to squeeze every little bit of fun out of it!  I love summer!


Ethiopian Birthday

October 7, 2008

For my birthday this year (and Amy’s too) Andrew & I went out with my high school friends for a fun dinner in Cambridge.  It was a new and interesting experience to say the least.  All those years my mother taught me to have good table manners, use my utensils, sit up straight…down the drain in one meal!

For those of you who have never eaten Ethiopian food, let me set the stage.  You sit in a chair, with a tiny block table in front of you, and something that looks like an upside down Mexican hat to the side of the tiny block table.  You wonder where in the world the food is going to go and assume you’re going to be eating very tiny foods.  You order a variety of food options to share, yet you have NO idea what you are really ordering, how much you are ordering, or where they are going to put it all.  Nevermind whether or not it is spicy or goes with all of the other food you’ve eaten.  You’ve heard something about eating with your hands, picking up the food with pieces of bread etc.  Well, this I have to see.  So after ordering they bring out huge trays (they put them in the upside down hat…it starts to make sense).  The tray is covered in a crepe/crumpet like substance…the bread.  Covering the bread are the various foods we ordered.  Unsure of exactly what is what…we dug in!  It was surprisingly delicious.  The boys managed to make the food disappear…their skills were impressive.  Overall the night was a blast.  While I’m not sure I’ll be eating Ethiopian anytime soon…the experience was priceless!

Birthday Hat

Birthday HatFinger FoodFood...gone!