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Pillow Talk – ‘Da Middle

August 20, 2010

No – I don’t mean that kind of ‘Pillow Talk’.  Well, sort of I do.  Pillow talk in this house means the VERY random conversations Andrew & I have right before we fall asleep.  If most people could be a fly on the wall I’m sure they’d be very amused, we usually are.  Where am I going with this?  The other night was a classic ‘pillow talk’ night.

A little background, our first mattress was a queen-sized, but very old bed from when I first graduated from school, (aka cheap).  It didn’t take long before 2 people on the bed started to make it sag in the middle.  Every night getting in to bed I would say to Andrew – “Hey, you’re in the middle of ‘da bed”.  And he he was.  He would try to roll to the outside, but inevitably we would both end up sliding to the middle of our sloped bed.  It became a running joke.

Fast forward to our new house…and our nice new mattress.  While we no longer sliiiide down to the middle, Andrew still likes to tease me by climbing in first & taking up the middle of ‘da bed.  Resulting in me needing to claim my half.  The other night I was all comfy in bed – when Andrew arrived & told me ‘I’ was in the middle of the bed.  No way!  I was on my half.  This quickly resulted in some pushing and shoving and ultmately, 2 grown married adults were counting the headboard bars to determine exactly where the ‘middle’ was!  Yup, we counted.  We now know exactly where the middle of our bed is – thank goodness for that! 🙂  You would think a married couple wouldn’t need to know this, all that snuggling & cuddling…but we do, if you don’t know where the middle is, how do you know when you’re there!?  Of course that night both of us had to be as CLOSE to the middle as possible without going over…just to annoy eachother, but what fun would it be if you didn’t push the limit.

So, that’s just a little insight into some of the randomness that goes on in our house on a daily basis…I couldn’t make it up if I tried.



August 14, 2010


We were recently the lucky recipients of a piano donation!  Aunt Jane and Uncle Kevin had a piano in their house that they no longer used.  Since Andrew enjoys playing, and they needed an excuse to revamp their living room, we graciously accepted their offer to donate it to us!

So the other day we waited for the movers to show up in the early afternoon, which inevitably ended up being early evening.  Can someone explain to me why it is so difficult for movers to be on time?  Or even give you a reasonable timeframe?  It just seems odd to me that after ‘years of business’, they still struggle with this.  But I digress.  These movers were actually quite lovely, they offered to call a half hour before, so at least we could go out & not feel like we would miss them.  I recommend Piano Movers Inc. if anyone needs to move a piano.

So now we have this great piano in our playroom.  At first Maya was confused why it was in her playroom rather than grandma & grandpa’s…but it wasn’t long before she was up on the bench banging away!  What can I say, the girl likes to make noise.  And of course we support her habit, with the help of friends.  Maya now has a life sized piano, a ‘Maya-sized’ but very real guitar, a drum with other assorted musical toys…and theirs always the pots & pans she has full access to.  With any luck she’ll get some of her dad’s musicality.  I just hope the neighbors don’t mind too much! 


Plum Pickin’

August 1, 2010

I’ve noticed that Plums are becoming a theme in this blog lately – which is funny since I never even had a plum before I met Andrew!  I was more of the strawberries, bananas & apples kind of girl.  I think those were the only fruits I ate growing up.  This is definitely NOT true for Maya!  She loves almost every fruit.  Especially watermelon!  But she also loves anything she can eat herself, whole pears were one of her first favorites.  Forget it when we get to the fruit section of the grocery store…I can’t make it through without letting her chow on a nectarine!

But I digress…this is about Plums, particularly the plum tree in our yard.  Yup, that’s right we have our very own plum tree in our front yard.  I’m the type of person who wouldn’t eat from anything that I hadn’t taken care of, but Andrew will try anything that looks okay.  Thus, just the other night we were all in our front yard chewing on these small, but I must admit very yummy plums.  Maya LOVES them!  She especially loves that she can pick them herself.  She HATES when I have to take it away half way through to remove the pit (imagine a lovely little tantrum and not wanting to take it back all squished up).  But it’s been fun having our own plum tree – we even shared with the neighbors.

I don’t think we will be a fruit farm anytime soon, but we do have a pear tree & 2 apple trees as well.  The apples are plentiful, but insects seem to have ruined them before we could spray.  No pears this year, but we’re hopeful for next year.  So we enjoyed our plums the last few days and now all we have to do is figure out how to explain to Maya that they’re all gone & she can’t pick them anymore….hmmm!


Wow – it’s been a while!

June 11, 2010

When I look back at my blog I cannot believe how long it has been since I last posted!  So much has gone on since that last Birthday it’s hard to know where to start.  But I’d definitely like to start to blog again.  Life as a Barry has kept me on my toes and having a place to put random thoughts sounds great!  So to catch up from…well, 2 years ago here’s what’s gone on…

While in Australia I suffered a miscarriage, it was difficult & sad, but was likely the reason I stopped blogging for the most part.  What I learned from this experience was that it happens to more people than I ever imagined.  I found plenty of support & although we think about ‘the pea’ and our initial excitement every now and again, we grieved and continue on.

In October 2008 I found out I was pregnant again, and this time it stuck!  The due date was July 4th, 2009.  Pregnancy was pretty good to me overall.  I was queasy all day long in the beginning and struggled with what I can only call a slight form of depression.  But once the first tri-mester ended, I started to feel great & it lasted to the end…the VERY end!  More on that later…

In the mean time it was time to move out of our itty bitty apartment in Concord & find a house.  After LOTS of looking in a variety of towns…we found a home that was just right for us back in Andrew’s hometown of Chelmsford.  We put our agent through the ringer, but couldn’t be happier with our new house.  Andrew & our families got to work painting, cleaning and getting us moved in February.  I was pretty useless given my pregnant state…but I’ve never run so many errands in my life!

Fast forward to July 2009 – the official ‘waiting’ begins.  I was in & out of the doctor’s office for all of my regular visits…only to walk out with – nothing.  No movement, no progression nothing.  On my due date we were at Plum Island for the 4th of July & I was big.  I thought there was no way I would be back there the next weekend…WRONG!

July 15th – my 30th birthday rolls around, NO WAY was I going to still be pregnant…WRONG!  I was VERY pregnant when we celebrated at an Irish pub.  Two weeks late & it was time to ‘evict’ the kid!  After a day in the hospital for one drug and getting sent home, we went back on the 17th for pitocin.  After starting at 7am the contractions only got stronger & stronger.  By 4pm I was ALL DONE I was ready for an epidural and it was was my BEST friend!  My family came to visit around 5:30pm beccause they just couldn’t wait any longer.  Not long after they came in my water broke…with everyone in the room, the look on my uncle’s face was priceless.  But we stil had a ways to go.  There was more waiting, lots of clicking on the epidural button.  Sometime in the middle of the night I was ready to push.  20 minutes of pushing and FINALLY at 3:11am Maya Carmody Barry arrived!  9lbs 15oz small!  (I maintain she had a small head & therefore the pushing wasn’t so bad).  I was SHOCKED she was a girl.  Everyone thought we were having a boy…so I thought so too…but she suprised us, as she continues to do every day.

Now we’re coming up on Maya’s 1st birthday & I can’t believe it. The last year has been a blur of exhaustion & greatness.  I’m looking forward to keeping up on all of the firsts, seconds and beyond here, and only hope I can keep up better than I have in the past!

So – if you’re bored and looking for some entertainment, that’s what I hope this blog will be for you.  There’s never a dull moment in this house…hold on to your hats!!


House Hunt…

July 31, 2008

We’re goin’ on a house hunt, we’re going on a house hunt…I’m not scared…I’m not, well – okay – maybe I’m a little scared.

I know, I know – I’ve been a very bad blogger.  What can I say, it’s the summer and I’m lazy.  But I promise to get better (saying this to myself).  So what has been going on lately you ask?  Well – Andrew & I have been talking houses.  Now – we love the place we live.  Our little convenient apartment in a beautiful town.  However, the recent crazy rain has led to water in the basement…and in the bathroom (where it shouldn’t be).  While we know the landlord will take care of it, it started us thinking about moving.  We’re not in any rush, the more money we figure we can save, the better.  But we’re definitely thinking about it.

So as we think about it I remember all of my friends & co-workers going through the pain of finding the ‘right’ place…all the while thinking…that won’t happen to us…our search will be somewhat easy, we’re both looking for the same things…HA!  Wrong!  Funny how making such a large purchase can bring out the crazy in ANYONE!  And it certainly has in Andrew & I.   (NO I will not take full responsibility for the ‘crazy’ – though it’s probably mostly me).  Instead of agreeing on the big things & disagreeing on the small things (what I expected) it seems everything is Big!  Let’s see here are some of the hot topics:

  • The perfect town
  • Neighborhood or woods (I’ll let you guess who wants what:))
  • Price
  • New or fixer upper
  • hmm….I’m sure there were more…the conversation certainly lasted long enough for there to be more

Then beyond the details you start ‘discussing’ who needs what to be happy, who should be making the decision etc.  HA!  All a good time.  It’s a good thing we love eachother!  But it isn’t all bad.  We do agree on:

  • Cape/Colonial/Farmhouse style
  • nice backyard…
  • That’s all I can think of now…I’m sure there was at least one more 🙂

All in all this process is going to be very interesting.  Fun and miserable all at the same time.  But as everyone tells me, it’s worth it in the end.  Amazing to think we’ll be homeowners someday.  Wish us luck…we’ll need it!