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Singapore & a broken toe!

May 29, 2008

So…I dropped Andrew off at the airport at 4am yesterday.  He should finally be in Singapore at 9:30am today (our time). I’m trying to imagine what he’s feeling like right now. Exhausted, confused, excited…lost? I can only imagine how the people sitting next to him felt after 15.5 hours on the plane. Let’s be honest, sitting still is not one of the boy’s strong suits! Hopefully he managed to get some sleep and relax. Hopefully he’ll find a way to let me know he made it safely before noon today as promised. I cannot wait to hear about all that he gets to see while he’s there and see the pictures I have no doubt, he will diligently take. From what I hear there are animals everywhere. For those of you who know him…you’ve seen his ability to get completely distracted by a hawk flying around (he’s seen hundreds of hawks) WHILE DRIVING and lose sight of the fact that he should be paying attention to the road. I can’t imagine how distracted he’ll be by monkeys & other strange animals. While I’m thankful he won’t be driving…I hear the drivers there are crazy so I’m hopeful he doesn’t wander into the roads. I love him…but he gets distracted VERY easily! 🙂

It’s funny how you never really think about all of the people flying around in the air until a loved one is up there. Thousands of flights take off and land EVERY day. And yet when someone you love is up there you’re convinced it will be the one plane something happens to. And then you realize you really have no control over it, remember that 1000’s of flights go on every day and try to relax. I watched the news every morning and it appears as though everything went smoothly. Which is less than I can say for train travel right now. A derailment in Chicago, a T crash in Boston and a ‘run-over’ in Maine, wild. All I can say is that we are lucky people and pray for those that were injured in the crashes. But enough with this saddness…

The last thing Andrew said to me before heading off to check in yesterday morning was…see you in Australia. What? So strange! I leave in 2 days and I don’t think it’s hit me yet that I also will be taking that dreaded 14 hour flight from LA to Australia. But it will be well worth it! We’re meeting in Melbourne, then off to Cairns and finishing in Sydney. It will be one amazing trip and I cannot wait, though laundry and packing still stand in my way! 50+ hours and counting!

In regards to the toe…let’s just say it was late, it was dark, there was luggage out and my 2nd toe on my right foot is now throbbing and difficult to walk on. GREAT!