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One year ago…

July 19, 2010

I have some catching up to do, so you’ll be seeing a few posts in a row, but I tried to at least write while I was on the Island since we had some big stuff going on.  So bear with me.

One year ago today (written July 17th) I was in the hospital evicting my daughter from her cozy home.  She was born early in the morning on the 18th of July…but she was nothing close to early!  At over 2 weeks late most people couldn’t believe they would let me go that long, but the did. I could have started the proccess a day earlier, but who wants to be in labor on their 30th birhtday?  Instead I spent that an an Irish pub looking like this :). 

Happy 30th Birthday!

So a year ago today I was feeling the pains of an induced labor…and the joys of an epidural!!  So many fond memories of that day, even through the pain.  It was the longest day ever, but really seemed like two, before the epidural & after.  I don’t know how women can give birth without drugs…but God Bless them!  At 4pm that day there was NO way I could stand another minute.  After I got the epidural I can remember hearing another woman down the hall hoping to go ‘natural’.  All I could think was…oh dear, is that what I sounded like?!  I made the right choice for me. 

In the evening my family came in to visit because I was nice & relaxed.  One of our favorite memories of this day was the moment my water broke.  My whole family was in the room, including my aunt Jane & uncle Kevin.  I simply announced that I thought my water just broke…and Kevin moved out of that room so fast you thought his pants were on fire…see ya, he said!  I think he thought the baby was just going to pop right out at that moment!  It was really cute.  Sadly that was not the case…we still had a ways to go.  We tried to sleep, and waited as long as we could for Maya to make her way…just befor 3am we decided it was time.  20 minutes of pushing, and there he…I mean she was!

You see, everyone was convinced Maya was a boy.  My sisters & father had seen ‘signs’, everyone told me I was carrying all out front so it was a boy…I was totally convinced she was a boy.  So when Andrew proudly announced ‘it’s a girl’…I couldn’t believe it!  That was almost more shock than having a little person put into my arms!  I hadn’t even really thought much about a girl’s name.  We only had really talked about one, so I annouced – ‘well I guess you’re Maya Carmody’.  It couldn’t be a more fitting name for our little girl, and I have been in love ever since.  Screaming from the get go our little girl is the best thing ever!

Family Photo!


Every year my dad writes a letter to me about my birth – day.  I look forward to & cherish his words every year.  I hope that we can continue to do something similar for Maya so she can always remember how excited & proud we were the day she arrived (and maybe remind her every so often the pain she put her mama through! :)).