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NYC, what is it about you?

August 18, 2010

Sung to the Annie Tune…NYC, of course.  And yup…we were in NYC this weekend.  Aunt Megan had been living there all summer and I was determined to get down while she was there.   Typical, this meant that I would wait until the last weekend she was there – but we made it.  We made a reservation, packed Maya & all of her stuff in the car and off we went.  We planned the trip perfectly with her first nap (which has been at least 2 hours lately – often 3)…perfect!  It took her a little while to fall asleep, but once she did it was perfect…for an hour!  Why is it every time you plan on a nap it’s WAY shorter?  So the rest of the trip involved me turned around from the front seat entertaining her!

I will say, she did pretty well.  Not too much fussing…as long as we were paying attention to her.  But we made it.  We listened to lots of kids music, and I discovered one thing about our kids CD that is in the car…it holds Maya’s new favorite song – Ring Around the Rosie.  The song plays twice in a row, music interlude, two more times, music interlude, and two more times.  Every time we heard the musical interlude…Maya started making the ‘more’ sign.  And everytime the song really ended she did it again.  I think we listened to the song itself at least 18 times, on the way there.  Each time we got a gigantic smile and wiggle dancing from the back seat!

Once there we unloaded and headed out to the city.  Subway ride to Columbus Circle, met the fam (Grandma, Grandpa, Erin & Megan were all there), had some lunch and then on to Lincoln Center for a poetry slam.  A stop by Times Square to see the ‘Kissing’ statue, a visit to Toys R Us, walk to Bryant Park for snacks, continue on to Washington Square Park for a NY Pizza Dinner & then home for the night. Not a bad day in the city!  Top it off with an early Sunday Brunch & a walk to Wall Street & through Battery Park to see the Statue to Liberty & you pretty much have the perfect 1st trip to NYC (for a 1 yr old).  Maya was great the whole time!  She skipped naps, and slept okay, but with so much to see she had a GREAT time!  As you can see through some of the pictures.  I was nervous about the trip, but it turned out to be perfect!  Exhausting of course & I was pretty useless the next day, but it was worth it.  We topped off the trip with a stop to visit the Andreopoulos’ and their new little one Alex in Longmeadow.  It was a good stop considering Maya woke early from her nap yet again.  All in all NYC was a success…what’s next?! 🙂

Riding the subway

Dancing in Lincoln Center

The girls in Times Square!

1st NY Pizza in Washington Square Park…mmmm,mmmm

Almost home…we can make it!


It’s that time…

August 13, 2010

Football season is here!  Which means that I am a single mother for at least 4 hours, if not many more, a week!  Why is it that when the Patriots are on, things that used to get done by my otherwise very helpful husband, suddenly don’t.  As an example – first preseason game last night – came downstairs after putting Maya to bed and the dishes were still in the sink.  Bummer!  Where was the hubby?  On the couch.  Glued to the game…ahhh, it’s the season.  At least it’s only a few hours a week.  Imagine if he was glued to the Red Sox or Celtics for every game?  I’d be in big trouble.  Not that he doesn’t watch both, but the Patriots are priority.

My only saving grace is that Maya also happens to love football!  Maybe it’s because it was always on when she was an infant, or maybe it’s all the cheering, but for some reason it keeps her attention longer than anything else on TV.  Tonight was no different.  She sat in her chair, staring at the TV…and then she started cheering, clapping, making little hand gestures, asking for more.  It was hilarious!  What can I say, she’s a true daddy’s girl.  With the 2 of them so into the Patriots…maybe I should go get a mani/pedi!  Hmm…when do they play again? 🙂



August 11, 2010


I have a love hate relationship with August.  I love that it’s still the lazy days of summer, but I hate that it means I have to fit everything in before the school year starts.  By everything, I mean both work and play.

At work we’re busy getting ready for the return of the students, making sure we have everything they need for a successful job search.  At home I’m busy making sure I’ve seen all my teaacher friends before they go back to school, taking Maya to swim as often as possible, and doing all the necessary summer stuff!

Just in the last few days we’ve been swimming in NH, to a pool party and to visit our friend Maria on the Cape…does this sound like ‘lazy’ days of summer?  Not so much lazy, but they have been fun.  As many of you know Maya doesn’t really do lazy – so to her August is great!  Here’s some proof:



(Maya trying her first lemon on the Cape…mmm…mmm!)

As I said, I have a love hate relationship with August.  It marks the end of the summer, but this year we’re going yo try to squeeze every little bit of fun out of it!  I love summer!


Chiquita Banana…

August 6, 2010

Just get this girl a fruit hat & she’s ready to do a banana commercial!  What?  Your clothes don’t look like this on a random Thursday?  Well they should!


Plum Pickin’

August 1, 2010

I’ve noticed that Plums are becoming a theme in this blog lately – which is funny since I never even had a plum before I met Andrew!  I was more of the strawberries, bananas & apples kind of girl.  I think those were the only fruits I ate growing up.  This is definitely NOT true for Maya!  She loves almost every fruit.  Especially watermelon!  But she also loves anything she can eat herself, whole pears were one of her first favorites.  Forget it when we get to the fruit section of the grocery store…I can’t make it through without letting her chow on a nectarine!

But I digress…this is about Plums, particularly the plum tree in our yard.  Yup, that’s right we have our very own plum tree in our front yard.  I’m the type of person who wouldn’t eat from anything that I hadn’t taken care of, but Andrew will try anything that looks okay.  Thus, just the other night we were all in our front yard chewing on these small, but I must admit very yummy plums.  Maya LOVES them!  She especially loves that she can pick them herself.  She HATES when I have to take it away half way through to remove the pit (imagine a lovely little tantrum and not wanting to take it back all squished up).  But it’s been fun having our own plum tree – we even shared with the neighbors.

I don’t think we will be a fruit farm anytime soon, but we do have a pear tree & 2 apple trees as well.  The apples are plentiful, but insects seem to have ruined them before we could spray.  No pears this year, but we’re hopeful for next year.  So we enjoyed our plums the last few days and now all we have to do is figure out how to explain to Maya that they’re all gone & she can’t pick them anymore….hmmm!



July 26, 2010

Since the day we started dating Andrew & I have been into ‘adventure’.   By adventure I mean trying out random things or going where the wind blows us.  We sometimes do the most random things, but we always have fun doing it.  It’s not planned, well…it usually starts with some kind of plan, but we love if the plan gets changed as we go.  One of our favorite things to do is just ‘go for a drive’.   We’re usually in search of something, like a beach, or good restaurant or something, but don’t have any real idea where our destination will be.

Our ‘drives’ have led us to a bar in Ogunquit singing show tunes around a white piano (or watching others sing), a random maple sugar house in NH for a delicious lunch, and many other places.

Since we’ve had Maya these trips have become more difficult.  As I’m sure you can imagine, doing things ‘unplanned’ with a kid is tough!  Nevermind our kid who doesn’t like to be strapped in unless she’s sleeping or for more than 10 minutes.  But this weekend we decided to give it a shot.  We turned Maya’s seat forward (now that she’s one that’s okay), stopped and Dunkin’ Donuts, knew we were headed west & looking for a place to swim…and off we went!

We pulled into one place that we thought we would stop, a little pond in a state park.  But Maya needed more sleep (since we left for her first nap) so we kept going, plus I think we were both looking for more.  We came across a great little lake…but no public access.  So we made our way back toward the other pond, but along the way there was a country store…Andrew’s FAVORITE!  He’s constantly talking about opening his own one day.  He loves all the stuff that one little store can hold.   We stopped at this one because not only was it a country store, but they also had a place to get lunch so we could take it with us.  While we were at the Ashburnham Country Store Andrew asked the very helpful owner where we could find a public beach.  She gave us some VERY vague directions to a free beach in Jaffrey, NH, just over the border.  So we grabbed our sandwiches & headed out.  We just got lost once & asked for more specific directions & before we knew it we found this great little beach – Contoocook Lake.  Free parking, beautiful lake.  It was perfect for a day with the family.  We enjoyed our sandwiches, swam in the water, Maya played in the sand.  Everyone had a good time.  Maya slept on the way home & we enjoyed a nice dinner at home after a grocery store stop.

I never thought it would happen…but we had a successful ‘adventure’ with Maya!  Does anyone else go on random ‘adventures’?  Where have you ended up?  We may try that next!!


To the park

July 23, 2010

This morning Maya & I walked to the park.  It’s quiet in our neighborhood in the morning, much to Maya’s dismay.  When we go for a walk, she loves the cars, dogs, people…she’s a city girl in many ways.  But alas, she lives in a nice quiet neighborhood…which she’ll learn to love some day :).

We made it to the park & there wasn’t a sole there – not surprising at 8:15 in the morning, but we had so much fun.  The park with just 2 people is actually a blast.  We could run all over, go on whatever we wanted.  Maya thought it was so funny that I would go down the slide without her.  She mastered the shaky bridge all by herself.  She pushed the empty swings.  But her favorite part was definitely ‘escaping’ from the playground.  Sneaking out & running onto the baseball field…she thought she was hysterical!  I tried to get her to run around the bases with me…but she preferred to run back & forth between the playground & ballpark…thinking she was sneaking out every time!  We were both tired by the end – who wouldn’t be. 

There’s nothing better than a quiet morning with just Maya & me!