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July 26, 2010

Since the day we started dating Andrew & I have been into ‘adventure’.   By adventure I mean trying out random things or going where the wind blows us.  We sometimes do the most random things, but we always have fun doing it.  It’s not planned, well…it usually starts with some kind of plan, but we love if the plan gets changed as we go.  One of our favorite things to do is just ‘go for a drive’.   We’re usually in search of something, like a beach, or good restaurant or something, but don’t have any real idea where our destination will be.

Our ‘drives’ have led us to a bar in Ogunquit singing show tunes around a white piano (or watching others sing), a random maple sugar house in NH for a delicious lunch, and many other places.

Since we’ve had Maya these trips have become more difficult.  As I’m sure you can imagine, doing things ‘unplanned’ with a kid is tough!  Nevermind our kid who doesn’t like to be strapped in unless she’s sleeping or for more than 10 minutes.  But this weekend we decided to give it a shot.  We turned Maya’s seat forward (now that she’s one that’s okay), stopped and Dunkin’ Donuts, knew we were headed west & looking for a place to swim…and off we went!

We pulled into one place that we thought we would stop, a little pond in a state park.  But Maya needed more sleep (since we left for her first nap) so we kept going, plus I think we were both looking for more.  We came across a great little lake…but no public access.  So we made our way back toward the other pond, but along the way there was a country store…Andrew’s FAVORITE!  He’s constantly talking about opening his own one day.  He loves all the stuff that one little store can hold.   We stopped at this one because not only was it a country store, but they also had a place to get lunch so we could take it with us.  While we were at the Ashburnham Country Store Andrew asked the very helpful owner where we could find a public beach.  She gave us some VERY vague directions to a free beach in Jaffrey, NH, just over the border.  So we grabbed our sandwiches & headed out.  We just got lost once & asked for more specific directions & before we knew it we found this great little beach – Contoocook Lake.  Free parking, beautiful lake.  It was perfect for a day with the family.  We enjoyed our sandwiches, swam in the water, Maya played in the sand.  Everyone had a good time.  Maya slept on the way home & we enjoyed a nice dinner at home after a grocery store stop.

I never thought it would happen…but we had a successful ‘adventure’ with Maya!  Does anyone else go on random ‘adventures’?  Where have you ended up?  We may try that next!!