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What a deal!

July 15, 2010

In honor of Gramps wake today I thought I’d reminisce about one of my other favorite memories…what a deal!  Gramps was a master deal finder.  We used to joke that they paid him to take the soda home.  You see gramps had the system figured out.  They lived in Methuen, right on the nh border.  So he would scour the weekly ads, find the sales, then use a coupon…at the nh stores of course.  Then (and here’s the big kicker) he would return the cans in MA for $.  Brilliant!  He was so good he really did pretty much break even.

Now…if you could see gramps basement you’d think we were being invaded.  A good deal was, well…a good deal, and you can never have too much of a good thing.  They have stockpiles of everything you can imagine.  But you always knew what was on sale that month.  Like the time we we offered devil dogs every time we visited & were sent home with our own boxes…after every visit.  and let me tell you…those devil dogs were delic!!

I have to admit…I have a little bit of gramps in me.  I can’t pass up a good deal…and I always buy more than I need!  This is true of food and clothes in particular.  I can’t tell you how many ‘same shirt, different color’ I have because they were cheap.  But I’ll be ready if there’s ever a time I need to change colors without changing the look.

What’s your favorite thing to find a good deal on?  What about stockpile?