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Dinner outside!

July 28, 2010


The weather around here has finally cooled off a little.  Or at least it’s not as sticky.  So for the last few nights we have been putting our new patio set to good use.  We strap Maya’s portable chair right to our chairs and she’s happy as a clam to sit at the table with us.

We’ve enjoyed steak tips, grilled chicken salads, and tonight…turkey meatloaf!  It’s so nice to be able to relax & enjoy the backyard.  But the best part is the clean up.  Maya is VERY into feeding herself these days…which usually means a royal mess all over herself, and the floor.  But when we eat outside, the mess gets taken care of by the random animals around rather than me.  Brilliant!  Now I know you’re thinking we shouldn’t be feeding the local animals, but they’re here anyway…what’s the harm in keeping them happy?  That & Andrew loves the wildlife so it keeps him happy too 🙂

I’m hopeful the weather will continue to be nice so we can keep enjoying!!